Sandwich/Wrap Platter
$10.50/person (min 10 people)
Includes - A variety of our signature sandwiches and wraps – Chips – Full Tray of Mixed Greens Salad (tomatoes, cucumbers, red onion, croutons) with our White Wine Vinaigrette and Ranch Dressing or Full tray of Caesar Salad (Crisp Romaine, shaved parmesan, homemade croutons) with our classic Caesar dressing. -A tray of freshly baked chocolate chip and double chocolate sea salt cookies

Half (Serves 6-8) and Full Trays (Serves 12-14)

Salads (Add grilled chicken – $5.00 extra for Half Trays, $8.00 for Full)

Half Full
Mixed Greens 30 50
With tomatoes, cucumbers, red onion and, homemade croutons with  House Balsamic, or White Wine-Thyme Vinaigrettes.
Classic Caesar Salad 35 55
With crisp Romaine, shaved parmesan, homemade, croutons with Classic Caesar dressing.
Santa Fe Salad 45 70
Crisp Romaine, sweet corn, black beans, tomatoes, shredded Mexican cheese and cilantro with our zippy Southwest dressing.
Niçoise Salad 45 75
Boston lettuce, tomatoes, olives, blanched green beans, boiled red potatoes, thinly sliced radishes, and, hard-boiled eggs with White Wine-Thyme Vinaigrette.
Roasted Beets over Baby Spinach 45 75
Fresh Mozzarella, Tomato, and Basil 45 75
Served with olive oil and balsamic vinegar
Spicy Korean Steak Salad 55 95
Medium Rare flank steak over crisp Romaine, green beans, scallions, and shredded carrots, and red cabbage with our spicy Sriracha-Soy dressing.

Pastas (Served with bread and butter)

Half Full
Penne San Tropez 40 70
Penne tossed with slowly sautéed onions, crushed San Marzano tomatoes, cream, and Swiss cheese.
Baked Ziti 40 70
Ziti tossed and baked with mozzarella, parmesan, and our homemade marinara sauce.
Classic Mac ‘n Cheese 40 70
It all starts with the cheddar-infused Béchamel sauce and ends with toasted Panko bread crumbs.
Penne with Basil and Brie 50 80
Penne tossed with brie, olive oil, tomatoes, basil and, garlic.
Penne tossed with brie, olive oil, tomatoes, basil and, garlic.
Lemon Fusilli 50 80
Fusilli, cherry tomatoes, steamed broccoli florets and baby arugula tossed with a garlic, lemon cream sauce.
Rigatoni Florentine 50 80
Rigatoni tossed with grilled chicken, baby spinach, garlic and mozzarella in a creamy pink sauce.
Rigatoni Bolognese 50 80
Rigatoni tossed in our own Bolognese sauce.
Lasagna Bolognese 55 85
Seven layers of lasagna and our own Bolognese, and Béchamel sauces.
Penne Primavera 55 85
Penne tossed with San Marzano tomatoes, broccoli florets, carrots, onions, zucchini, bell peppers, garlic, and our secret combination of spices, slow-cooked and stewed to perfection!
Vegetables and Rice Half Full
Plain Basmati Rice or tossed with Sautéed Onions, Parsley and Scallions 30 50
Garlic-Mashed Potatoes 40 70
Roasted New Potatoes with Garlic and Herbs 40 70
Cauliflower Puree 40 70
Roasted Carrots 40 70
Mixed Sautéed or Steamed Vegetables 40 70
Green Beans Sautéed with Garlic and Cherry Tomatoes 40 70
Broccoli Sautéed with garlic in olive oil 40 70
Broccoli Rabe Sautéed with garlic in olive oil 40 70
Classic Catering Entrees Half Full
Veal Marsala 85 140
Veal Piccata 85 140
Veal Parmigiana 85 140
Veal Saltimbocca 85 140
Chicken Parmigiana 55 95
Chicken Francese 55 95
Chicken Marsala 55 95
Sausage and Peppers 55 95
Chicken Fingers with honey mustard dressing 45 80